Work Day, Family Retreat, Lock-in

Dear Church Family, 

  • We will be having a work Saturday, March 14th beginning at 8:30. We will be doing some painting in the new building as well as some minor maintenance and cleaning in the main building. As always, breakfast will be served. 
  • From Jared- As you may know, we are having a family retreat in the first week of June. Some were also told about a lock-in that same week. After talking to Randy I have rescheduled the lock-in for August 7th. It is a Friday so that way the kids have that Saturday to recover from the night before. Also, this gives me and Brandon more time to plan as well as plenty of time ahead for the parents. 
  • We could use some more clothing and house-hold items in the church thrift store. We are running a little thin at the moment. 
Your Servant
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