Well done Church!

Dear Church Family, 

I just can't help but send a little personal note to you all. I am so proud of the way you have walked through the difficulties of the last year. You have been challenged in many ways yet your faith and your love for the Lord and each other has not wavered. Well done Church!

Also, I hear of folks talking about you around El Paso and your reputation here is a good one. I praise God for that, knowing that He is the author and finisher of our faith. But I want to commend you too for obeying Him. Your obedience has set you apart from so many who claim to be His but their lives do not match their claims. Well done Church!

And finally, I would like to commend you for the way you treat my wife and I. You make pastoring a joy. Thank you for the grace you show us when we are weak. Thank you for the respect you show me in the office I fill. Thank you for the love and compassion you show us in taking care of our needs. Well done Church!

I am looking forward to worshipping God and fellowshipping with you tomorrow. Please take a moment this evening to begin preparing yourselves for tomorrow. Don't fill yourselves on the things of the world tonight and don't stay up too late. Say a prayer before you go to bed and another when your eyes open in the morning. Let us be ready to bring Him our hearts, our ears and the sacrifice of praise from our lips in the morning. And as always I remain: 
Your Servant
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