Wednesday Evening

Dear Church Family, 
As we are trying to be faithful with the Trail Life Ministry God has begun in our church, we have run into a hurdle. Trail Life is for young boys and men from age 6-18. We have children as young as two joining the Trail Life class because we have no other place to put them. Unfortunately, they are unable to participate in the activities the older boys are doing and their presence, as precious as they are, can be distracting to the men who are leading and to the children who are learning. Therefore, will you please pray God will raise up someone to care for and teach the toddlers. We want to make sure we are faithfully caring for all age groups on Wednesday evening. Right now, I can not say in all honesty that we are doing well with the toddlers. 
While we are on the subject, I have also received several requests that we launch a Heritage Girl troop as soon as possible. There are parents who would like to bring their sons to Trail Life but also have daughters. Beginning a Heritage Girl troop in conjunction with Trail Life would facilitate the growth of both. Please pray God will raise up some women who have the calling and the time to consistently serve our congregation and greater Christian community in this ministry. 
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