Update IV: Migrants

Dear Church Family, 
I just came from downtown. There are many El Pasoans handing out cooked food. The streets are filled with blankets and jackets. The city has placed the double-length buses as warming stations. I believe our part in meeting this need is now over. I feel very blessed that our Lord called us to minister to these folks until others were informed and began to step in. Miguel will continue to cook and feed them for the immediate future. The cash donations we continue to receive will go to help him purchase food. 
Thank you to our sister church in San Antonio, CASA, for the cash donation for food. Thank You church for your prayers, food and clothing donations. Thanks to those who cooked. I am sure God will reward all of you for your efforts. 
Please continue to pray for a solution to this migrant problem. Pray God will fix the governments in these countries these folks are fleeing. Sunday morning I will share with you the message God gave me to deliver to them. I look forward to worshiping with you tomorrow night. 
Your Servants 
Randy and Jon
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