Trail Life / Heritage Girls

Dear Church Family

Each year we have an opportunity to work with Bethel Church to raise funds for our Trail Life and Heritage Girls troops. If we do this well, it is the only fundraising we will need to do for the entire year. Our first day to volunteer at the pumpkin patch is Sep 23rd. I went last year and had a great time meeting the other volunteers. I was also able to interact with a lot of folks who came to buy pumpkins but  don't go to church. I enjoyed that immensely as well. 
I highly encourage you to take these Pumpkin Patch opportunities to support our troops this year. There will be several Saturdays when you can help but it would be great to see you on this first one. This is the one where we unload the truckloads of pumpkins. I've been looking forward to this all year. For times and locations, talk to Charlie or Manny. 
Your Servant
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