The Harbinger of Things to Come


Dear Church Family, 

     For those of you who have been with us for a while, you know I rarely recommend or endorse a book or movie. However, I just came from watching the movie The Harbinger of Things to Come. I am not only recommending it but urging you to please go see it if you can. It will be playing at Tinsel Town until next Thursday. I am not sure what other theaters are showing it. I know it is on a limited release. If it does well, they may hold it over another week or two. That would be good because I think seeing it would benefit all God's people here in the United States.
     Some of you may remember when Steve Kovach and I began talking to you about our nation's future a few years ago after the Supreme Court decision making same sex marriage legal. That seemed to us to be a pivotal point in our culture and national spirit. 9-11 was another one of those pivotal points. We have been tracking very closely our cultural decline and consequential national and global upheavals since then. I believe this June we will see one more crucial pivotal point that may determine whether we progress on a path of decline or a reversal of direction to one of restoration. This movie will hopefully vividly explain exactly where we are as a nation from a biblical and prophetic point of view. It will also explain your role in helping to determine which direction we go.  I will happily make myself available to answer any question you may have after watching it.
Your Servant
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