Provision, As Always

Dear Church Family, 

1. Last week I informed you we were $500 short of paying all our obligations and commitments. I asked you to pray for God's provision. For those of you who are fairly new to our church, this may have been new to you. However, this has been the modus operandi of Vista Hills for as long as I have known her. We try hard to hear what God would have us do. Then we step out in obedience, generally far beyond our means. So we pray and ask our Father for our daily bread. And, He always provides, just so long as we are walking where He has led us. Last week was just one more episode of the same Vista Hills story. You prayed. The shortfall was met and exceeded. We now are burdened with a $2500 surplus. So, let us give Him praise. Let us take a breath of ease for just a moment. And then let us get ready for next time. 
2. We also prayed for more students in our fledgling school. God led us to this work and led us to a time of sowing in sorrow. But as the Word says, those who sow in sorrow will reap in gladness. Since the first of the year, the Lord has added five new students. We have particularly been waiting for the Lord to bring us high school students. We had a tenth grader join us today. Please take a moment to give Him thanks. Please keep praying for students, particularly high schoolers. 
3. I know you have been praying for my sciatica. Today was a good day and we may have found a solution that will not require additional back surgeries or spinal injections. The next four weeks should tell us where I stand. It was just a pure joy to be able to move today without much pain. Please take a moment to join me in giving Him thanks. Please continue to pray for a total healing, if it be His will. 
4. If you were unable to come to church yesterday, and would like to listen to the sermon, please let me know and I will send you a link. 
Your Servant
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