Personal Blog (edit: Vlog)

Dear Church Family, 

For some time, my wife has been fussing at me to begin writing or in some way saving the things I reflect upon in my daily devotions. I will frequently share with her what the Lord is teaching me about Himself. She, albeit obviously biased, believes those things should be shared with others. My sons have also talked to me about starting a blog with some of these things I am learning. I have decided to acquiesce so that I can have some peace here at home. Below is a link to my first blog. It comes from my quiet time with Him this morning. If you like it, I believe you can subscribe so that you will receive a notification whenever I post the next one. If you do not know how to subscribe, ask a teenager because neither do I. 
Feel free to forward or share these or whatever folks are doing with blogs these days. Also, please pray God will use them to bless someone in their personal growth in the Lord. 
Your Servant
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