Dear Church Family, 

Last night I went downtown again with the money and clothes you gave me. Mike and his wife were cooking  once again. As far as I could tell no one went to sleep hungry. All the women and children were taken into the Catholic shelter. The men slept on the street just outside because there was not enough room for them. I would say there were over 100 sleeping on the sidewalk and in the alley last night. 
I handed out what blankets and jackets we had. It got down to 27 degrees last night. Thank you for those blankets. I did not have enough for everyone. Please pray for tonight. If you have any blankets, even old ones from your garage, please drop them off at the church. I will go again tonight. I have also asked  Greater Mount Olive for help and CASA in San Antonio. .
As we were feeding and handing out clothes, some El Pasoans dropped off more bags of clothes. It was good to receive the help. I hate to see anyone go cold or hungry. Some businesses donated bottled water and money to Mike to help with the food expenses. Some lawyers showed up to help those without papers find the organizations that could help them apply for asylum. The men just kept asking me for work or if I knew where they could work to earn the bus money they needed to get to their families in Atlanta or Denver or Chicago. Some wanted work so they could send money back home to their families. 
Please, Please pray this mess will stop. Pray for a solution. Pray for provision until the solution arrives. Pray for Mike and Veronica as they are investing so much time, energy and money in ministering to the aliens God has brought to our doorstep. 
Your Servant,
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