Lunches for Julie

Dear Church Family, 

Grace and I visited Julie Luna this afternoon. She is recovering nicely. She will continue in her recovery for the next eight weeks. When I asked her how we might help, she said having someone bring lunch would help immensely. Her family has been leaving work to bring her lunch and then hurrying back. If you could help by picking up or preparing a simple lunch and taking it to her home that would be greatly appreciated. She lives close to Americas High School off Pelicano and 375.

I could tell she would greatly appreciate having the company as well since she is alone most of the day. Perhaps you could take a lunch for two and sit down to eat with her. She is so cheerful and sweet to be around. I promise you will be blessed more than Julie. Give Grace a call if you would like to participate. If you do not know Julie, no worries. Grace will happily go with you. 

Your Servant
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