Levi and Your Prayers


Dear Church Family,
The following is an excerpt from an email Nick sent to his church family here in San Antonio. Thank you for your prayers. As the scriptures state, they are powerful and effective. The intending physician expressed her puzzlement over how things changed overnight when she was speaking with Liz.

After further tests at the hospital, they diagnosed Levi with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. His blood production was great but his body was attacking his own blood cells causing all the shortages. On top of that, autoimmune hemolytic anemia has two subsets: warm and cold. All signs pointed to Levi having warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia. This is a chronic course with the potential of relapsing and it requires steroid use for months to a year. Yesterday afternoon the Attending came into our room and paused all steroid treatment. She said that now the studies are indicating cold autoimmune hemolytic anemia which will naturally run it's course and it doesn't relapse. They said we were free to go home and continue doing weekly check-ins to see if he needs any more blood transfusions. In the words of the hematologist "his labs were very mysterious and not a straightforward case at all." In our words, "God pulled a reverse Uno card and miraculously flipped Levi's diagnoses."
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