June Retreat Updates

Hello to all of you who have signed up for the Retreat.

I am so blessed with how God is bringing all this together - He enjoys spending time with His kids!

I would like to meet with all those who are to meet NEXT Sunday. NOT this Sunday but next Sunday, May 16 after church in the Fellowship Hall. The purpose for the meeting is twofold; I'd like for everyone to see everyone that is going. Since we have some people who have not gone with us in the past, I feel like it's good to see the faces and meet those who have attended in the past. Secondly, we have to discuss activities. By the time of the meeting I'll be down to the wire on getting activities scheduled so I need to know who would like to do what. I'm attaching to this email a link that you can go to to see the available activities. If you would please take a few minutes to look at that and talk with your kids so that we can finalize the plans. Keep in mind that the Activities are done on Saturday so plan accordingly (in other words, no activities on Friday or Sunday). There is also a "Covid Waiver" form that needs to be signed by EVERYONE (even if you aren't doing any activities) that needs to be completed before we arrive at the Camp. 

So...to sum it up - we'll meet in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, May 16 right after church. We'll discuss activities and give maps and/or directions to the Camp for the new attendees. If you haven't paid for the Retreat yet, please do!!
Thanks everyone, love serving with you...
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