Holiday Schedule

Dear Church Family, 
Following is a schedule of events and activities happening during the holiday season. 
  • Wed Dec 15th: 
    • 5:30 meal time followed 
    • 6:15 Bible Study in fellowship hall, children's and youth classes at. Caroling practice in the sanctuary. Youth class in the Green Room. 
    • 7:15 word, worship and dismissal in the sanctuary.
  • Thurs Dec 16th: No Lady's Fellowship
  • Dec 16th-17th: regular prayer meetings schedule
  • Dec 19th:
    •  regular Sunday morning worship and Bible class schedule.
    •  Evening class canceled. 
  • Dec 20th-21st: regular prayer meeting schedule
  • Dec 22nd: regular Wednesday evening activities with the addition of caroling at 6:15
  • Dec 23rd: regular prayer meeting
  • Dec 24th 6:00 pm. Candlelight Service followed by Caroling. All are welcome to join the carolers. 
  • Dec 25th 12:00-5:00 pm Smith's Open House. 
  • Dec 26th: 
    • regular Sunday morning  worship and Bible class schedule. 
    • evening class canceled.
  • Dec 27-28th: regular prayer meetings schedule. 
  • Dec 29th 
    • 5:30 Wednesday evening fellowship meal. 
    • 6;15-6:30 clean up
    • 6:30-7:30 Annual Business Meeting
  • Dec 30th regular prayer meeting
  • Dec 31st 
    • 5:00-6:00 regular prayer meeting
    • 6:00- _ _:_ _ Bonfire and Game Night.
We will have a memorial service for Carolina in our sanctuary sometime in the first week of January. We will have a potluck reception in the fellowship hall afterwards. I will keep you posted on the date and time once we have them. Please keep the family in prayer, especially those members who do not know Jesus as Savior. .
Let me know if I have left something out or got a date or time wrong.
Your Servant
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