From Katy Clark - Mission Trip

Hello everyone! 

For the past month I have been attending the Baptist Student Ministries near UTEP and have learned they have mission trips for this summer. I have prayed about it and God has told me a firm yes that this is something he wants me to do for this summer vacation. 
He has assigned me a mission trip to Arlington, TX for 3 weeks from June 18th - July 9th. I will be helping with an organization called Mission Arlington. They are a community outreach that help families with food and clothing. They even go to people's homes and have home churches to bring the gospel to families in their homes! I'll be helping them for 3 weeks in a handful of things. 
I would appreciate any prayer in this new journey with God. I would like some prayer for God to prepare me not only physically but spiritually and mentally.  The days will be long and full of hard work so prayer that God will give me the strength and endurance during my time there. I pray that I will do an excellent job there and be a blessing to people there. So far God had already provided me $200 for this mission and I still need provision for $400 for the trip as well. I'm positive God will provide though. I've never been on a mission trip before so I'm excited for the growth that I will go through with God in this. I appreciate any prayers! 
Thank you all! 
Katy Clark 
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