Food Pantry/Clothing Closet

Dear Church Family, 

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger has changed its rules for food distribution partners. Some of the changes are: We may no longer limit which zip codes we serve. We must keep enough food on hand to give to anyone who asks whenever they ask. We are no longer allowed to ask to see an ID to determine residency. We are no longer allowed to offer prayer or share the Gospel unless the recipient initiates the conversation. These restrictions are not in keeping with the goals and purposes of the Food Pantry Ministry/Clothes Closet Ministry of Vista Hills Church. El Pasoans Fighting Hunger will no longer allow us to purchase food from them unless we agree to these restrictions by contract. I am not going to be able to, in good conscience, sign that contract.
Therefore, please pray. We need God's direction on how to adjust to this new circumstance and where to get our food. 
Your Servant
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