Dear Church Family, 

     I am sure you are aware our little congregation has grown. It seems appropriate to set aside some time to strengthen the bonds between us and to get better acquainted with those who are new to our family, I am hoping the game night on the 31st will help accomplish this. 
     Also, I know we all like sitting in your customary places during the Wednesday evening meal. Our fellowship meal is a vital component of who we are as a church. However, please be aware of those around you. If you see someone who has recently joined our fellowship sitting alone, please invite them to join you. Make them a part of your conversations with one another. I know the Lord has brought them here to be blessed by us and to be a blessing to us. Let's not miss out on what he has planned. 
    Over the years of ministering here I have found the ministries God gives us to do actually end up being part of His building plan for us. As an example, in frustration and confusion I asked God why it has taken so long to complete our pro-life building. After all, we stepped out on faith. We diligently prayed. We endured challenges and setbacks all through the process. Why has it taken so long to build it in total dependence upon him when those who follow the ways of this world complete their tasks in a fraction of the time. Here was his answer. "You were building a building. I was building a church." Think of that for a moment. He told us to build and the whole time, the building wasn't the real event. The work He did in us as we prayed and trusted and endured was what it was really all about. 
     We are down to our final two inspections before we can open. Believe it or not, there are still many hurdles just to get those two inspections done. Please continue to pray. We are so close to the end of this project. The fire marshal is coming to inspect today. He can be very tough. I'll keep you posted. 
Your Servant,
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