Eastwood Church - The Tabernacle Experience

Good afternoon family,

Today we took our students on a short field trip to Eastwood Church to check out "The Tabernacle Experience", and would like to recommend it if you have an hour to spare. I want to preface this by first admitting I was not impressed with the "production" of it since the props were very lackluster and the "tour" itself is self-guided as you are given a small listening device and headphones with a recording giving you information and instructing you when to move on to the next area of significance. I recommend it, though, because the information was fascinating and, much like how we have lately been reflecting on the significance of the Passover meal pointing to Christ and reflected in our communion table, this likewise walked you through how the Tabernacle points to Christ and reflects the church He established. The interactivity of it helped make it more significant and the audio tour made sense as much of the information presented would ask that you take time to reflect in a personal way which a tour guide wouldn't be able to give you with their presence.

The following link has all the information to sign up for a visit if you are interested though they are only available until April 21:

Have a blessed day,
Jonathan Rutkowski

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