Eagle Pass

Dear Church Family,

Today I am in Eagle Pass. I think we need your prayers. This is much different from Laredo. I can sense resistance on the ground and in the spiritual realm around me.

First of all, the tour was supposed to take place in a large park that is right on the river border. That park however, has been taken over by Governor Abbot and is now blocked off with large fences and National Guards Personnel. The tour was forced to move to an amphitheater a couple of miles away. It only seats 1100.

The BGEA team doesn't seem to care about the small facility. They are working exactly the same way they did for the 10,000 they received in Laredo. These are wonderful warriors. I love being around them as they set up each day and tear down each night tirelessly. They do it all with joy and an anticipation of great things to come from their labor. They are contagious in their enthusiasm.

My second concern is I am told they do not have many volunteers or prayer team servants here in Eagle Pass. That really concerns me because it means the local church has not responded to God's invitation to the harvest. I don't think it much of a stretch to assume there has not been much of a local prayer work done here either.

Please pray. This is a dark place. There is a heavy law enforcement presence here. Border Patrol, State Police and National Guard are everywhere. And although Franklin Graham was told he could not use the park for the preaching of the Gospel, Sean Hannity is here and He and President Trump will be using that park for a political rally tomorrow.

Now, I'm not concerned about whether or not this is fair. I am concerned with the spiritual ramifications. What could have been a great beacon of hope in a desperate situation has been replaced with a political circus to drum up votes and to sell commercials on the Sean Hannity show. Please pray. I know that even now God can turn this around. I feel heavily burdened for this town. There is a real feel of something very "not right' in this place. Pray for us.

I am told the next two stops are also not well equipped with prayer teams or volunteers. I stayed two nights in Del Rio and did not feel the spiritual oppression I feel here. I did, however, feel as though the place was asleep. It was a sense of a place that has just been left out. I don't know how to describe it any better than that. And I know Presidio was really on Franklin's heart. Will they be ready? Please pray for these last two cities before the event moves to El Paso.

My contacts here tell me El Paso is ready. There are more than enough volunteers and prayer team members. The church has responded well to the call in El Paso. Let's pray we can come out of these next two cities without being worn down in the battle. Let's pray for a great turn out and great victory in our City.

Just a few more days now, Church. Just a few more days and we will stand together in the Don Haskins Center to usher in the presence and power of our God in praise and worship. The Bible says he is enthroned in our praises. In just a few days we also may see a great harvest and a great defeat of our enemy as we saw in Laredo. Don't get weary in your prayers now Church. Just a few more days.

Your Servant

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