Church Retreat Update

Dear Church Family,
Some of you have asked me about our Retreat. First, New Mexico has been locked down tighter then we have. I’ve kept in touch with Molly at the Camp but making any definite plans has not been possible. At this writing they are locked down until at least the end of May. That makes it difficult to plan a Retreat in less than a week. So this is what I’m considering at this time and welcome your input.

The 4th of July weekend is available at this time. It’s a three-day weekend so some will already have Friday off. It’s the time when we as a country we celebrate our freedom and we could also celebrate being out from under this lock down! Normally I wouldn’t even consider the 4th as a possibility but under the circumstances I feel this is a wonderful and appropriate way to celebrate. And who better to celebrate with than those who are our family!

Please pray about this and please, please let me know your thoughts as I will have to begin working on this pretty quickly if it’s a go. Every one of you matter in what we do as a church family. Love and miss you...


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