Church Open for Prayer

Dear Church Family, 

      It troubles me that we will not have our normal Wednesday evening meal and study groups. It also troubles me that we will not be able to worship all together on Sunday morning. At the same time that I am troubled, I also feel that just getting through this pandemic is not enough. I want us to grow and thrive in our Christian faith in spite of the pandemic; yay even because of the pandemic.
      James teaches us that these trials are purposed to grow our faith. Peter speaks of God desiring us to have a faith purer and more precious than refined gold. Paul speaks of us being in a great cosmic battle and that we are wrestling with principalities and powers for the sake of the Kingdom of God. I feel deep down that even as we obey the scriptures by honoring the civil authority he has placed over us, there must be a way that rather than pulling back, we can advance forward in our walk as a church. I feel compelled that we must press even harder against the gates of hell if we are to have any hope to see them come tumbling down.
      As I considered how we might accomplish both reducing the numbers in our gatherings while at the same time launching a mighty offensive in our battle for the soul of our nation and the American church, a way forward came to mind. Rather than opening the church less, we will open it more. Rather than being closed, we will be grandly open as a house of prayer. The church doors will be unlocked all day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The sanctuary will be open for people to come in and spend an hour or so in prayer. I will be at the church during those hours to pray or talk with anyone who drops by. I will ask KELP to consider making an announcement that folks are welcome to drop by and pray for our city, nation and Christ's Church during those hours.
     If I get tired, some of you can come to take my place to give me an hour of rest. The church will be open and his people will be there to comfort, counsel, pray with any in need. If more than 10 come we can form a line outside. Wouldn't it be something to see people lining up to pray rather than lining up for toilet paper? Who knows what God might do. 
     I intend to implement this beginning tomorrow morning. Please pray God will bring saints to stand in the gap in this time of trouble and opportunity to advance His Kingdom in the battle for the soul of our nation and His Church. 

Your Servant

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