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Church News - September 4, 2019

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Dear Church Family, 

  1. Finances: Thank you for your prayers for the church finances. He has answered. The summer months are normally a strain on the church resources for two reasons. The first being that our attendance is lower as people travel. That generally leads to lower offerings. The second being that utility bills tend to be higher. This year, we have also taken on the additional responsibility of providing groceries for the Montana Vista area through a sister church located there.  We have historically dealt with these challenges the same way every year. We pray. It is such a comfort knowing that our provision is not to be found in the offerings but rather in the Lord our offerings are given to. It pleases me when the work he gives us is beyond our resources. It gives us an opportunity to learn this lesson over and over again. Let us always remember we do not make our decisions of where to minister according to our resources. We make our decisions according to His commands. As Charles Johnson frequently says, “It is just like being in the military. He gives an order and we simply salute and say ‘Yes Sir!’ He provides as we obey. 
  2. Pro-Life Building:  I was woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday by a dream about the new building. I was troubled by the dream and so I spent the early hours of the morning praying. This is what is on my heart after those hours of prayer.  I believe the dream was given to me so that I would pray but also so that I would ask you to pray. We have not finished the work he has given us to do. We are stuck on it. We are unable to even get contractors to give us estimates on the little that remains to be done. I have asked several to bid on the job. They all say they will but they never return. Church, we must pray! We have reached a point where we can not do the work ourselves and we can not hire anyone to do it for us. That leaves us with but one option. Pray! That is the job before us at the moment. Pray! He is not going to enable us to finish the work unless we are willing to do the work of prayer. Remember, you have been called to accomplish this and failure is not an option. Also, I believe this is a good place to be. When all is beyond our abilities and we cry out to God for help, we get to see His great glory as He accomplishes it. However, He won’t move if we don’t cry out. Please Pray!   
  3. Men’s Retreat:  The date for our Men’s Retreat is quickly approaching. There are many men in our church who have not indicated whether or not they are going. Guys, you need to go. This retreat is not for our entertainment; although we will have a lot of fun. It is rather to build us up. The church that belongs to God must have strong, well equipped, devoted men to lead her in the name of Jesus. This retreat is the one event each year specifically purposed to help accomplish that. Gentlemen, You need to take your place on the line. It is your job to do and no one else’s. Let’s get it done for His name’s sake and for His glory. 

Your Servant,
Pastor Randy

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