Church News - October 9, 2018


Dear Church Family,

  • Marylou’s sons will be here Thursday to pack her house and move her to Albuquerque. She is asking for help. If you can help, please show up at her house FRIDAY morning.
  • Our year with Grace is almost over. She will be returning to Korea to get a surgery on her hand and to help her brothers settle her mother into a place where she can manage for herself so Grace can return to her home here permanently.  I will take Grace to Tulsa next Monday so she spend some time with David’s family. Then on the 18th, she and Jonathan will fly to Korea together. Jonathan will spend a month there and hopefully get a surgery done on his eyes. Grace asks you please pray that she will be able to make this a short trip. She also asks that you pray they will be able to find a wonderful assisted living home for her mother. And of course, please pray about the surgeries.
Your Servant,
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