Church News - November 16, 2017 - Thanksgiving Lunch

Dear Church Family,

Well here we are again, about to celebrate all that our God has given us by eating a lot and telling Him thank you. I will be picking up Grace in Dallas and then she and I will join all three of our sons and their families in Tulsa.

Many of you will be hosting their families here in El Paso. Others, like Grace and I, will be traveling. And for many, their fellow church members are the ones they will be sharing Thanksgiving with.

In keeping with that spirit, and if there are enough people who would be interested, Dora is prepared to bake a turkey at the church to be shared with any who would like to have thanksgiving here in the fellowship hall. A few years ago we did this and folks brought side dishes to go with the turkey. Games were played after dinner. Everyone had a good time.

If you would like to have Thanksgiving dinner at the church with your church family, will you please RSVP with me right away. Then, contact Dora to organize what side dish you can bring.

Your Servant,
Pastor Randy

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