Church News - Nigeria - June 1, 2018 Update!


Dear Church Family,

I have heard from three of you about my prayer request of whether or not I am supposed to go to Nigeria. Thank you so much for your input. After hearing from those three, I continued to investigate what would be needed for the trip. I want to share with you what those needs are and ask again for your prayers for direction and also any council or feelings you might have of whether or not to go.
Visa Fees – $400
Immunization– $935 total All these diseases are active in Nigeria right now
     hepatitis A  $65
     malaria  pill. unknown
     Typhoid $80
     meningitis $170
     cholera $295
     Polio $40
     Yellow Fever-Nation wide shortage.
I will have to travel to Austin or Albuquerque to receive these shots $295
Airfare is $1139 if I book myself from here to Washington DC then to Nigeria.
I may have to spend some nights at the hotel during electrical blackouts for safety reasons.
It looks like somewhere around $3000 for the trip. The church has $2400 in a missions fund.
That’s all the information I have at this time.  I do not have an abundantly clear direction from The Lord. When I consider Andrew and his church, I feel a desire and a draw to go and be a blessing. When I consider the difficulties I wonder if our resources could be better used in other ways and I wonder if the desire and draw is truly from the Lord or just from within me.  Please again, any council you have would be greatly appreciated.
Your Servant,


Dear Church Family,

I sent a message to the Veterans Administration to see if they have the vaccines and if they administer them to veterans before I had sent my last email. It was more just on a whim than thinking they really would have them. They just responded that they do have all of them  except the Cholera  And, they also administer them. They even have the yellow fever vaccine in stock. If they charge me like all other medications they give me, it will cost $8.00 per shot. And not only do I not have to travel to Austin or Albuquerque but, I don’t even need an appointment. Please continue to pray for guidance and provision if I am to go.

Your Servant,
Pastor Randy

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