Church News - Montana Vista Update


Dear Church Family,

Jon and I just returned from meeting with the cook. Her name is Mierna. She remembered me from the last time we met. Her welcome was very warm.

I noticed she was no longer wearing the wrist brace she had on when I last met her. She had asked me to pray for her wrist. She told me it is better.    

I asked her about her home just to see if she has a yard we can use for our services. She said she lives in one house and her parents live on the same property in a trailer. Her brother also has a place on that property. Now I know there must be a good size yard.    

I began asking her about her parents. Last time Mierna had told me she supposed she was Catholic although she does not attend. I asked if her parents were Catholic. She said yes. I asked if they also did not attend. She told me on the contrary. They attend early mass every Sunday.    

I waited for an appropriate opportunity to pose the question that had brought me there. She took a short lunch break and sat across the counter from Jon and I. I told her I had been thinking of her and our last conversation and prayers. I explained, in my broken Spanish, our need to find someone who would let us use their home and yard to hold services. She told me she would have to ask her parents. Remember, in El Paso and much of Mexico, the Catholic church considers protestants as cults to be avoided and hated. I then told her not to feel pressure. And that I had felt led by the Spirit to ask her first. If her parents said no, our Spanish Speaking congregation would be out Sunday to begin asking others. I asked if she works Sunday and she said no but she could come to the restaurant to meet our church.      

Folks. I really want her parents to say yes. I know God can provide us a yard but I really want this women to see to receive the blessing. I remember how the house of Obed-edom was blessed when David left the Ark there. I just feel he will bless greatly whomever invites us in. Please pray her devout Catholic parents will welcome a protestant congregation onto their property. 

Your Servant,
Pastor Randy

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