Church News - June 10, 2017

Dear Church Family,

1. Thank you for praying for the women’s retreat. I am hearing wonderful reports of how The Lord met our ladies in the Sacramento Mountains. It would not be fitting for me to try to report on it since I was not there personally. I can tell you however, by the glow of our ladies since they returned home, that He was there and that He richly blessed them. I am reminded of a verse from John 7:38 where Jesus said, “Who ever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from withing him.” The King James Version says, “….out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” I have been hearing a lot of belly laughter from the ladies since their return. I have also witnessed a re-freshened love between them. Again, thanks for your prayers.

2. Please be in prayer for the Vacation Bible School. A women called yesterday to register her children. We are on our way. Pray God will bring us children with whom we can share the knowledge of our God. Pray for workers. Pray for the advertising to be effective and glorifying to God. Pray for each day of the School, that the Holy Spirit will lead in power. I look forward to bringing you a good report from VBS as well.

3. Next Saturday is a work day. We should be able to put the last of the gravel on the yard of the pro-life building. I asked you to pray about the last work day. I believe you did because we had 14 people come. Three of our expert builders worked all day getting Burney’s house ready for him to live in it. The rest got the last strip of yard covered in weed barrier and gravel. We also began putting the border up. Thank you for your prayers. Now please do it again.
Breakfast and fellowship will be served at 8:00 am.

4. Monday we were roughly $250 short of paying our bills. Please pray for God’s provision. Jesus taught us to pray for our DAILY bread. I believe the shortfalls come when we stop asking. It is a joy to be fully dependent on Him for our weekly bills. It keeps us close to the Author of Life. Pleas ask Him for provision.

5. While you are at it, please ask Him to bless the service tomorrow. James says, “You have not because you ask not.” Let us devote ourselves to regularly praying for Him He to bring folks he loves so that they might see Him in the folks who love Him. Please pray that not only will He draw people but that He will prepare our hearts to be receptive to His will in our lives. Pray for all the teachers as well.

Your Servant,
Pastor Randy

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