Church News - April 2, 2019


Dear Church Family, 
     I hope you are all doing well. So many of you have been out for spring break the last couple of weeks and I wanted to send you the sermon link and the two most Prayer and Answers radio show sessions (below) in case you wanted to keep in step with the rest. Just copy and paste into your url window. Be sure to listen in to KELP when you can as well!

Or listen to them below.

  1. Wednesday evening April 3rd, a representative from the BMI will be here to talk to our teens about mission trip opportunities. Please have your teens here to hear about not only the opportunities but the lifelong impact these mission trips have on those who go. This presentation will not affect any of our other classes or activities. 
  2. I need some construction work done in K.O.G City. We need to build our K.O.G City museum. I am just to pressed to do it myself so I’m asking for help. It should be fairly simple for even those with the most rudimentary construction skills; like me. Give me a call please if you can help
  3. Remember to continue praying for our upcoming Ladies and Men’s retreat. If you were planning on not going, please reconsider. These retreats are important to the unity of the fellowship. We try as hard as we can to get as close to 100% participation as possible. And also, they are just plain fun. 

That is all for now. Remember to ask Jesus to give you an opportunity to tell someone about Him. Remember to ask the Father to fill you with the Holy Spirit.

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