Church News and Updates

Dear Church Family, 

  • We are looking at starting a Trail Life troop for boys and an American Heritage troop for girls here at Vista Hills for our church and school families. These two organizations are Christian oriented alternatives to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Representatives will be here July 11th. They will give a brief presentation and then be available to answer questions and help folks sign up after the service. Please begin praying for this ministry. The Christian Nuclear Family is rapidly becoming an endangered species in our culture. We believe God has called us to work at rebuilding broken families in our community. We also believe Trail Life and American Heritage could be extremely useful tools in helping us accomplish this calling. And we believe having a troop here at the church will be a load of fun. Please seriously consider getting involved as you listen to the presentation. 
  • Summer is here in full swing. As generally happens at this time of year, offerings are down as folks travel.  Yet, many repairs and modifications are needed on the building and church grounds. We are in the final stages of converting the Eagle's Nest from evaporative to refrigerated air. That leaves us with just two zones to convert. The school is trying to get their portion of the building ready for the new school year even as they are doing summer camp. Today's rains have revealed several leaks in our roof that need to be repaired. We are still pushing to finish the construction on the pro-life building. Please be praying that God will provide for all these needs. We have learned that in His Kingdom, He gives us work to do, which generates needs of provision, which we take to Him in prayer. He then provides and we celebrate and give Him thanks. Then we start the process all over again with more works and needs. Right now we are in that praying part of the process. Please do not neglect it. Praying is the work that needs to be done right now. I look forward to sharing with you how He provides in response to our prayers. 
  • We will need to call a couple work days this summer to get the playground equipment installed before the new school year begins. Tom Ruth is heading up that project. Check with him to see when and how you can help. 
  • We are planning an overnight camping trip to Cloudcroft for late summer. The idea is to arrive in the forest just west of Cloudcroft village on a Friday afternoon. We will fellowship and  camp overnight then use Saturday morning to fill all our trucks with firewood to make available for church members for the winter. We will keep you posted as the time draws nearer and we get a go date. 
Your Servant 
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