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Dear Church Family, 

  1. Louie's Family will be sharing a meal together in the fellowship hall this Friday at 5:00. Louie has left an open invitation for you to drop by if you wish. Please keep his family in prayer. Most do not have a saving relationship with Jesus. I will be sharing a few words from scriptures. Please keep me in prayer also.
  2. We are in the first stages of launching a Heritage Girls Troupe. I will keep you posted as we progress. Please be in prayer for this new ministry. Also, if you feel this would be a good place for you to exercise your gifts in service to the Lord and His kingdom, please let me know. 
  3. We are still just one letter and one inspection away from having the new building officially finished. Today, I was given a lead on an engineer that might be able to help us with the letter. Please keep this in prayer.
  4.  Tillmans:    
     As most of you have heard through the prayer chain, the Tillman family will be going through some very tough times over the next six months. Ryan has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and is undergoing some very aggressive chemotherapy. This puts a tremendous strain on them physically, emotionally and financially.  Here at Vista HIlls, we take seriously our Lord's mandate that  "If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together." 1 Corinthians 12:26 therefore, we believe the Lord would have us commit ourselves as a whole church to walk through this difficult time with them together. 
     I have already seen a strain on the faces of their children. We know they are cared for and encouraged in our little school. The church finance committee has decided that one of the best ways we can help is by paying their school tuition to make it possible for the children to continue being cared for and educated here. Fortunately, God has provided the church with the funds to do so. Please take a moment to thank God for His provision. 
     We also know they have accumulated large medical bills from the emergency surgery Ryan underwent. Christi's insurance covered much of this but not all. Please pray God will provide so abundantly that these bills would just be taken care of quickly. That would be one less burden for the family to carry. 
     Of course they are down to just one income while Ryan goes through his treatments. Please pray for provision for mortgage and groceries, gasoline for the cars and everything else it takes to keep a family clothed, housed and fed. Please pray for Christi to stay healthy as she works, cares for her children, cares for Ryan, and makes the medical decisions. 
     Also pray for Ryan. We all know how pain and illness can challenge our faith.It has been amazing to see the peace he and Cristi demonstrate. It is quite a marvelous testimony to watch them deal with what most would consider to be extremely difficult circumstances.  Pray their testimony will hold firm through the end of these procedures. Pray their extended family members will see Christ in the manner in which the Tillmans handle the challenges ahead. 
     And of course, pray for miraculous healing, Our God can heal anything. If it is his will and if it will bring Him glory and bring His salvation to someone for Ryan to go through all these treatments, then of course we want His will to be done. However, He may very well want to just instantly heal and be glorified in that manner. He may just be waiting for us to ask. Let us make sure we do so.    
     If the Lord has blessed you and lays on your heart that you are to bless the Tillmans, the deacons stand ready to organize and take any contribution to them. We ask you to please make those donations through the church. This makes it possible for the deacons to know what has been provided and what is still needed. You can either give donations to one of the deacons or simply write, "Tillmans" on an offering envelope or check and put in the offering plate on Sunday morning.  
     Finally, be ready for a celebration. We know nothing ever happens to God's children without His permissive will. We know He is good and nothing happens that is not for a good reason. We absolutely know that He is with us because he loves us. Therefore, we will win in the end and see his glory and goodness in marvelous ways before this season is over. Let us begin giving thanks right now, even as you read these words.
Your Servant
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