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Dear Church Family, 

  • If you can take one Wednesday a month to join our kitchen staff, we could really use the help.  Please contact Grace for details at 915-259-6595

  • We need to build up our church food pantry before the holidays arrive. Following are items we need.

    • canned goods

      • green beans 

      • corn

      • canned meats

      • canned fish

      • spaghetti sauce

    • rice

    • pasta

  • If you would like to do another firewood run this year, please contact Ryan at 253-229-0925. We need to start thinking about getting this done before it gets nasty up in the mountains.
  • Following is the holiday schedule for our church and school activities:

    • Saturday, Oct 22nd Trail Life Pumpkin Patch Invitation at Beth El Church, 6410 Montana Ave                                                                                The Pumpkin Patch Invitation provides a chance to bring families together to kick off the holiday season. This is part of Trail Life family activities. It is open to Trail Life families and friends. The idea is to help with the unloading, arranging and selling of pumpkins to fund our local Trail Life Troops. We will be interacting with other churches that have Trail Life as well as the members of our community that come to purchase the pumpkins. The event opens at 9:00am and closes at 8:00pm. Come when you want between those hours. Stay as long as you want to work. The proceeds will be divided between the Trail Life Troops by the number of hours each Troop has donated. If you would like to go with other VHC folks, we will be meeting in our church parking lot at 10:00am. Call or Text Manny (915-256-9034 so he knows to wait on you. If you go on your own, make sure to ask for James Reidland and tell him you come from Vista Hills Church so our Troop gets the proper credit.

    • Sunday, Oct 23rd. Servant Senders Christmas Wish List sign up.                     Last Sunday, we had more people wanting to provide a Christmas stocking than we had kids on our list. No worries. This Sunday, Marie has sent us another list of kids from our Sister Churches in Juarez who are in need. Grae will be available to answer questions and help get you organized. This is our church's Christmas project for the year. I feel so blessed that we have this opportunity to help church families provide for their kids in our troubled sister city.  

    • Thursday, Oct 27th Men's breakfast 7:30am at The LunchBox on Admiral.

    • Friday, Oct 28th New Life Christian Academy (NLCA) Fall Festival 3:00-6:00pm. Vista Hills Church (VHC) folks are invited to come to the fun. Feel free to bring treats to contribute to the kid's sugar rush.This will be a great opportunity for us to get acquainted with our school children, staff and parents.  

    • Monday, Oct 31st 6:00pm-8:00 pm. VHC Trunk-r-Treat, Gospel Tracts and S'mores handouts for our church’s neighborhood kids. 

    • Friday, Nov 18th 11:30am-12:30pm NLCA Thanksgiving Luncheon. VHC folks once again are invited. A sign up list of side dishes and desserts needed will be made available to both NLCA parents and VHC.

    • Thursday, Dec 15 6:00-7:00pm NLCA Christmas Program in the sanctuary. VHC cordially invited. Please bring finger foods to be shared in the fellowship hall after the program. 

    • Saturday, Dec 24th 6:00-7pm VHC Christmas Eve Candlelight service. 

    • Saturday, Dec 31st 6;00 – when-the-cows-come-home. New Years Eve Game Night

Your Servant
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