Church News

Dear Church Family, 
  • Saturday 18th at 430 - From Maria Guillen.  I wanted to put out an invitation to all the ladies to my house for fellowship.  There will be food, not sure what yet but there will be food. If you’d like to bring side dishes you’re welcome to but not a must. Please RSVP. That way I know how much food to prepare. Children are welcome. 
  • Wednesday Nov 22 - There will be no evening church meal or activities. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your families. As always, Please make sure no one is alone that doesn't prefer being alone. Please consider inviting someone to your Thanksgiving dinner. 
  • Saturday Dec 2nd - Church shop and swap meet. It is time, once again, to swap our stuff. Each year we bring the stuff we don't want to the church fellowship hall and place them on tables. Then we go through everyone else's stuff and take what we want. Even though we are shopping, there is no buying or selling of the items. It's just a fun way of exchanging stuff we don't want for stuff we might want. I have found everyone gets really excited at the thought of getting rid of their stuff. Remember though, you have to take stuff too. No fair just getting rid of stuff. Be considerate and do your fair share of taking.   
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