Church News - 11/05/2020

Dear Church Family, 

  • Wednesday evening activities will resume next Wednesday, Nov 11th, with all our 6:15  Bible Studies and the end-of-evening gathering in the sanctuary at 7:15.
  • The school has suspended in-person teaching until after the Thanksgiving break.  
  • We are watching the numbers of active cases in the city. We will make a decision next week on whether or not to have our Thanksgiving banquet. Right now it is not looking good. 
  • Brenda's need for the transfer-bench has been met. 
     Please be careful out there. We are trying very hard to protect our worship service. So far, none of the churches in town or in Las Cruces have been hotspots. The top three places people contracting Covid in El Paso are:
  • Visiting stores 37%
  • Eating at restaurants 22.5%
  • Traveling to Mexico 19%
     With these numbers in mind, Grace and I are staying home as much as possible. Grace stocked up earlier so that we could avoid the stores and restaurants until this wave of Covid cases subsides. We want to reduce the risk of contracting it so that we can continue to gather in-person to worship with you. We believe the church is essential not only to believers but also to those who may not yet know Christ but are looking for hope and answers in these difficult times. Please join us in protecting our gatherings by making wise decisions. 

     Following are some things we are doing and you can do to help protect our services and those who attend
  • Pray continuously for God's protection of His church
  •  Our entire building is treated quarterly with a product called MicroSure that physically rather than chemically kills the virus. 
  • Our ventilation system is also treated. 
  • The same product is provided in a hand sanitizer solution at the entrance to the sanctuary. 
  • The seating directly in front of the sound system is reserved for those who wear masks and social distance during our services. 
  • Do not attend if you have symptoms. We will not be asking at the door. We expect each person to do their part by staying home if they are having symptoms, have been tested positive, or are waiting on the results of a Covid test. 
  • And finally, Pray continuously for God's protection of  His church
     Thank you for your cooperation. Thank you for your prayers. 

Your Servant,
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