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Dear Church Family, 

    Lisa Harrell brought her friend, Victoria, to church Sunday. The Lord provided a salvation message. Can you guess what happened? Yep. Victoria asked Christ to save her at the end of the service. 
     A couple of weeks ago I shared this verse in the Sunday morning sermon.  Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents." Luke 15:10 ESV. This verse powerfully spoke to me during my sermon preparations. Since then, I have been asking God if we could help throw one of those parties in heaven; could he use our church to help bring someone to him. He answered this past Sunday with a resounding yes. 
     Lisa had been sharing her testimony with Victoria about her own trials and the faith that came through them. Then she invited Victoria to church. God laid on my heart to present the gospel at the end of the Sunday morning messages. the week before, I had asked our prayer teams to pray for God to move in power in our Sunday services. They did and, voila, a big party in heaven. Can you see the overflow of confetti making its way to earth even now? Join in the celebration oh saints of God. 
     Now I know you have been laboring hard in your prayers. It can be hard to keep praying when you don't see immediate results. Some have been wondering what the point is since he will do what he wants anyway. Let me share a few things I have learned about prayer over the years. I hope this will bless you in your labor. 
  1. If I ask, he might say no. 
  2. If I don't ask, he certainly will not say yes
  3. Sometimes praying is like an army private shoveling a hole. He doesn't dare ask the sergeant why he wants it. He doesn't dare ask him how deep he wants it. He just keeps shoveling until the sergeant says stop. 
    Let me share with you my top prayer requests for the last few weeks
  • Tillman Family
    • Healing for his cancer
    • Strength and comfort for Kristi
    • Blessings on the children
  • 50 students for the school. 
  • Provide an existing pro life ministry to be housed in our new building or help us build one. 
  • Diapers for the pro life ministry we already have. 
  • Now that he has provided the American Heritage Girls board in answer to our prayers, $295 for the charter fee. 
     Now that I have shared these prayer requests with you, I would like to invite you to grab a shovel and jump in with me and the other folks on the nightly prayer teams. 
Your Servant
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