Cheatsheet for the Frontera Tour

Dear Church Family,

Please bring your Christ Life and Witness Book tonight. It is one of the little booklets you received from the Billy Graham Association Classes. If you do not have one, no worries. I have extras. Also, Tom has made a helpful cheat sheet for those with questions. It is attached to this email. I will be teaching for the next three Wednesdays. However, even though I will be using their material, these classes will not be about the Franklin Graham tour. I will have a more complete explanation tonight about what we will be doing and why for the next few months. I look forward to sharing all of this with you this evening.

Your Servant,

Good evening Randy,

As I've talked with my family about the courses that we've been to over the last few days, some questions and confusion have arisen. In order to clarify things a bit I composed this cheatsheet that I think might be very helpful to any others that are unclear on aspects of the program.

Please consider sending this out to the entire church, once you carefully review it. Hopefully I got the instructions right.

Thanks, and have a good night.
Tom Ruth"
Frontera Tour Prayer Partner & Volunteer Cheatsheet
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